How Do I Link an App to Google Sheets?

You’ve probably heard it before; there’s an app for everything. And it’s true; there are apps that help you with everything from running your business to managing your finances, tracking your calories, fitness, and so much more. No matter what app you use, though, data is an integral part of it. But what happens when you build an app yourself?

You’ll need a place to store your data. And there’s nothing like Google Sheets to keep things going, especially in no-code development. The only question is: How do you link an app to Google Sheets?  

How to Link an App to Google Sheets

Two of the most popular ways to link an app to Google Sheets are:

  • No-code app-building platforms. You could link your app to Google Sheets with the built-in integrations provided by many no-code app-building platforms. With these platforms, like AppSheet, it’s typically as easy as finding the integration options in your settings and enabling the connection. You’ll likely also need to authorize the connection in Google Sheets.  
  • Integration platforms. Another option to link your app with Google Sheets is to use an integration platform like Zapier. You’ll use this option if your no-code app builder doesn’t have a native integration for Google Sheets. You’ll register with the platform and create a link between your app and GS.

Both these options are fairly straightforward. However, they do have some drawbacks.

For instance, when you want to use a built-in integration, you’ll need to use an app-builder that offers this feature. As a result, you’ll limit your available options. Likewise, you might find that integration platforms don’t provide integrations between your app and Google Sheets. 

A Better Option to Linking Your App to Google Sheets

Why not convert your Google Sheets into a REST API that quickly sends and writes data from your app? 

All you need is

With’s REST API, you can use your Google Sheets data for almost any app, from those created with no-code app builders to custom-developed apps. 

To create your API, you’ll need to prepare your spreadsheet. 

The first row should indicate what data you’re storing ( uses the first row to index your data). Your sheet should look something like this:

Once you’ve prepared your sheet, you can create your API.

First, get a connection URL. Go to your sheet and click the Share button.

You’ll then change the permissions to allow access to anyone with the link. 

If you want to write data to the sheet from your app, you’ll also need to change the permissions so that anyone with the link can edit the sheet.

Once done, you can copy the link. 

You’ll then log in to and select +Connection from your dashboard.

On the page that opens, enter a Connection Name, choose Google Spreadsheets as the connection Origin and copy the link to your sheet into the Connection URL box.

Once done, you can click Connect to create the connection.

Once created, you can then use your API to link your app to your spreadsheet. 

If you need a fast and effective way to link your app to Google Sheets, don’t stress over integrations. Sign up for (it’s free) and turn your dusty old spreadsheet into a powerful database!

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