Top 5 No-Code Use Cases

If you’re looking for a simple no-code tool that turns your spreadsheets into apps, fits the bill. You’ll quickly create APIs from spreadsheets.

But what can you do with your API?

Today, we’re here to show you the top 5 no-code use cases. Let’s dive in!

1. Use as Your Application Back-End

When you develop a mobile or web application, a lot of time and effort goes into building the back-end. This is perfectly understandable when you consider that you have to plan how you will:

  • Store your data
  • Exchange data between the front-end and back-end
  • Keep your data secure solves this problem, as it lets you turn spreadsheets into APIs that serve as the back end of your application. Then, plug it into your preferred front-end framework and go live without writing a single line of code.

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2. Content Management System (CMS) with

Apart from using as the back-end for your application, you can also use it as a content management system (CMS) for your website. 

You’ll store all your website content in a spreadsheet and use the API to display it on your website. 

This makes it much easier to update your website information or run a content strategy on autopilot. If your spreadsheet is formatted correctly, you can transfer SEO and category information with the API, too. 

3. Streamlined (and Smarter) Chatbot Responses

Customers expect stellar customer service. They need information, and they need it fast. Because of this, chatbots are becoming increasingly popular as they put knowledge at your customers’ fingertips. 

(Not to mention that you can automate your chatbot data collection or use to lead rich conversations, provide answers, and qualify leads.)

Here, also shines. You can easily create, edit, and manage your chatbot responses in a spreadsheet. Then, use the API to share valuable information with your customers.  

“All our bots are more intelligent. They can send and get data from Google Sheets, transforming a simple query into a rich conversation with the users.”

J. Cisneros, b4b company

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4. Supercharge Your Power BI Dashboards

With Power BI, you can create powerful dashboards and reports that give you more significant real-time insights into your business and allow you to share them across your team. 

And once you can make better sense of your business data, you can make better decisions and improve your efficiency. 

When using, you don’t need any particular data sources to get the insights. You can extract them directly from your spreadsheets and plug them into PowerBI. 

5. Less Is More: Build a Simple Database

Finally, you can use as a simple database. When you do, you can use your data across several applications and platforms across your entire business. 

You’ll eliminate data silos and ensure that you have more consistent and reliable data. 

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