Websites Crafted Solely with Google Sheets

In the digital world where websites are typically designed and developed using complex languages and tools, a surprising trend has emerged. Creators are now using Google Sheets, a simple spreadsheet tool, to build dynamic and visually appealing websites. This unconventional approach provides a user-friendly, cost-effective, and flexible platform for building websites, making it a game-changer for those who are not well-versed in coding. In this blog post, we will reveal some of the best websites built exclusively with the help of Google Sheets, showcasing the capabilities of this powerful tool.


How to build a website from Google Sheets in a few simple steps

Creating a website using Google Sheets is an easy and cost-effective way to create a website without the need for coding. With just a few clicks, you can have a website up and running in no time.


The first step to creating a website using Google Sheets is to install a web publishing add-on to your Google Sheets document. This add-on will allow you to create a web page for your project by adding a new sheet to your Google Sheets document. Once the web page has been added, you can begin adding content to the page by entering information into the appropriate cells.

Using the formatting options provided in the add-on, you can customize the look of the web page to your liking. Once you are happy with how the page looks, you can publish the web page by clicking the “Publish” button. Once the page is published, you can share the website with others by sending them the URL for the page.

Using Google Sheets to create a website is a great way to quickly get a website up and running without the need for coding. By following the steps outlined above, you will have a website up and running in no time.

What websites can be built with Google Sheets and no code?

Google Sheets is a powerful tool that can be used to create a basic website without any coding. Using a combination of HTML, CSS, and Google Sheets, users can create a website that is hosted on Google Drive and can be used to store and share information. With Google Sheets, users can create a portfolio, blog, or eCommerce website, as well as interactive forms and surveys. Furthermore, Google Sheets can be used to create interactive charts and graphs that make it easy to display data in an easy-to-read format. For those looking to create an online store, Google Sheets can also be used for shopping cart and payment processing functionality. With Google Sheets, the possibilities are endless.

5 Types of Websites Built with Google Sheets

Data Visualization Websites

Google Sheets has great features that enable the creation of charts, graphs, and other visual representations of data. Websites like Information Is Beautiful, built solely using Google Sheets, harness these capabilities to present a vast range of information in easily understandable, visually pleasing ways.

Google Sheets is a platform that offers not only the classic office software functionality such as creating spreadsheets, managing data, and performing calculations, but it also offers a robust suite of data visualization tools. Users can create a variety of engaging and interactive visual content such as charts, graphs, pivot tables, and more from their data sets. These features can be utilized to create websites for displaying information in a visually compelling, user-friendly way.


One remarkable example in this arena is the website Information Is Beautiful. This entire website is built using Google Sheets, setting a benchmark for what can be achieved strictly with this tool. It serves to illustrate a variety of data and information visually, transforming complex data into easily understandable, visually striking content. From infographics about global issues to diagrams on scientific phenomena, the website uses data visualization to make the information more digestible and engaging to users. Therefore, making it a very user-friendly site for those who want straightforward, factual, and beautifully presented information.

Such websites highlight the potential to use Google Sheets not only as an office software application but also as a data management and visualization tool for web development purposes. The ability to leverage Google Sheets for website-building purposes combined with SEO optimization allows for the creation of highly effective, visually appealing, and information-rich websites. This amplifies the online presence, aids in better audience engagement, and potentially enhances the search engine rankings of these websites.

So, for those who are exploring options for creating data-rich websites or blogs, Google Sheets could be a cost-effective and visually appealing solution, as demonstrated by websites like Information Is Beautiful. This only underscores the hidden potential of everyday tools like Google Sheets in the realm of web development and SEO optimization.

Catalog Websites

Using Google Sheets’ ability to store and sort large amounts of data, creators have established comprehensive catalogs for retail and wholesale businesses. In the era of e-commerce, web developers are looking to create robust, effective, and user-friendly platforms for businesses. One of the innovative ways being employed by them focuses on the use of Google Sheets. This cost-effective method not only aids in controlling and organizing an extensive array of data but also streamlines the entire process of catalog building.

Google Sheets is especially favorable for retail and wholesale businesses. They typically need to showcase a substantial number of products on their websites. Managing such large quantities of data consisting of product details, prices, materials, and dimensions might otherwise become a herculean task. Google Sheets help catalog such data in a manageable manner while also offering easy methods to manipulate and display them. Any updates made in the Google Sheet are instantly reflected on the website, facilitating real-time change display.

An example that perfectly elucidates this application is Wood Bark, a furniture retail business. Wood Bark uses the capabilities of Google Sheets to create comprehensive catalogs of their various offerings. The implementation of Google Sheets allows them to display their product range in an organized manner, categorizing them as per various parameters like pricing, materials used, and dimensions. Since Google Sheets facilitates easy data handling, the updates made by the business in terms of pricing or new product addition are instantly displayed to the viewers.

This innovative technique makes it easier for businesses to manage data and for customers to navigate through their offerings. It creates an efficient system that blends modern technology with creativity, contributing to enhanced user experience and seamless operations. Google Sheets, a simple yet powerful tool, has found its unique place in the creation of catalog websites, setting new benchmarks in the digital commerce industry.

Project Management Sites

Google Sheets, one of the most accessible tools for project management, is being used increasingly by several project management websites. These websites exploit the potential of Google Sheets to plan and monitor every aspect of a project. For example, tasks, milestones, deadlines, and teams involved are meticulously recorded, tracked, and updated real-time in these sheets.

KeepSolid Sign is a prime example of such project management websites. Serving as a robust project management tool, KeepSolid Sign leverages the functionality and potential offered by Google Sheets. A distinct feature of KeepSolid Sign is that it provides real-time updates on the progress of their projects. Every minute change recorded on Google Sheets reflects instantaneously, giving users continuous insights into their projects.

The tool uses Google Sheets’ inherent capabilities such as data organization, collaboration, information sharing, and accessibility to its optimum. It harnesses the built-in features that Google Sheets provides such as date and time stamping, task assignment, data validation, and conditional formatting to make project management easier and more efficient.

Moreover, Google Sheets’ excellent integrations with various other applications add to the usability of the project management sites. For instance, email notifications can be set up for changes in shared Google Sheets which can be an invaluable feature for team coordination and communication regarding projects.

Overall, by utilizing Google Sheets, project management sites like KeepSolid Sign to make it possible to achieve more organized, efficient, and transparent project management processes. It’s no surprise therefore that more and more top websites for project management are relying solely on Google Sheets to deliver premium services to their users.

Event Planning Sites

In the field of event planning, employing the right organizational tools is instrumental to ensuring smooth operations. Google Sheets has become a surprising yet invaluable asset within this industry, with numerous websites harnessing this tool to manage large-scale events such as conferences, festivals and concerts. This has seen the rise of event planning sites that operate entirely on Google Sheets, effectively showcasing the flexibility, accessibility and versatility that this tool offers.

One notable example of such websites is Music Festival Wizard. This digital platform is entirely developed and maintained using Google Sheets. It is a global hub that provides updates on thousands of music festivals taking place around the world. Each event’s details including date, location, lineup, ticket price, and contact are meticulously recorded and updated via Google Sheets, with this centralized management system allowing quick access to information and effortless updating processes.

The use of Google Sheets allows Music Festival Wizard to streamline its internal processes, making it easier to manage and update the extensive database of global events. The platform pushes the boundaries of what you can achieve with Google Sheets. It demonstrates that with enough creativity and skill, it’s possible to create a fully operational and efficient website using this free tool from Google.

Moreover, Google Sheets provides the added advantage of SEO compatibility. It smoothly integrates with SEO tools, making it easier for these websites to enhance their online visibility. Information stored in Google Sheets can be transformed into machine-readable structured data, enhancing search engine understanding, and contributing to SERP ranking improvement.

As such, the rise of websites like Music Festival Wizard just scratches the surface of what Google Sheets can offer to the event planning industry. These platforms not only exemplify the potential of Google Sheets but also highlight an exciting new avenue for SEO optimization. As it continues to evolve and improve, we can expect to see more websites utilizing Google Sheets, delivering increased efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and possibly, higher search engine rankings.

Educational Websites

A powerful demonstration of how Google Sheets can be harnessed in the creation of interactive educational websites is epitomized by Flippity. Flippity is a versatile and innovative platform that offers a plethora of interactive widgets aimed to streamline the learning experience and facilitate pedagogical activities in the classroom. This technology-forward resource is indeed one of the best websites that exemplifies the impressive functionality of Google Sheets.

Flippity, through its intuitive interface, permits teachers to bring their instructional plans to life through engaging and dynamic tools such as timers for classroom management, random name pickers for ensuring equity and participation and quiz show templates that can create an exciting learning environment synonymous to a game show!

The seamless integration with Google Sheets is paradigm-shifting. What the educators need to do is to enter relevant data into a Google Sheet, then Flippity will take the helm. It ingeniously transforms these data sets into functional tools as per the requirements of the curriculum, resulting in a personalized, interactive, and immersive digital platform.

In this way, Google Sheets transcends its basic use as a spreadsheet program and serves as the foundational structure for an educational website. It brings the teacher’s creativity into full blossom and engenders an engaging learning environment. Also, given its simplicity and ease of use, Google Sheets opens up new avenues for educators to experiment with their pedagogical styles, thus enriching their instructional repertoire.

Such user-friendly, multi-purpose solutions that Google Sheets offers, significantly underscore its influence in the digital learning realm. By encompassing the advantages of both an organizational tool and an interactive platform, Google Sheets redefines the standards of online learning resources while bridging the gap between educators and learners in a unique way. Consequently, it scores high among the best websites made exclusively using Google Sheets and remains an invaluable resource for creating educational websites.

What Kind of Functionalities Can Websites Create with Google Sheets Offer?

Google Sheets is an amazing tool for website development. It can be used to create a wide range of websites, from simple landing pages to complex e-commerce stores. With Google Sheets, it’s easy to create everything from logins and user profiles to online forms and dynamic content. It also makes it possible to track website analytics, such as page views, visitors, and time spent. Plus, developers can use Google Sheets to process payments and accept payments from customers.


Create logins and user profiles

After establishing the impressive versatility and customizable nature of Google Sheets in building websites, it’s crucial to address an essential feature – creating logins and user profiles. While simple Google Sheets fueled websites might not support user login facilities traditionally, there are creative ways like using Google Form and Apps Script to incorporate this feature. With the systematic addition of user logins and profiles, you can efficiently manage users, data access, and update permissions, thus enhancing the security and personalization of your website. A well-rounded database of user profiles also helps in analyzing user behaviors, providing invaluable insights that further help in optimizing your website for maximum user engagement and satisfaction.

Track website analytics

Understanding your audience’s behaviors is a critical part of optimizing your website, and this extends to Sheet-powered websites as well. Google Sheets provide an excellent platform for managing and analyzing data, making it an ideal tool for website analytics tracking. Integrating Google Analytics with your Sheets-powered website enables you to keep a close eye on your site’s traffic, user behavior, and overall performance. In turn, these valuable insights empower you to make data-driven decisions, such as identifying popular content, optimizing site navigation, or adjusting your SEO strategies. Harness the power of Google Sheets’ data management to enhance every aspect of your website – from general performance to SEO efficiency.

Process customer payments

After processing customer payments, the next step is tracking and managing all transactions. With Google Sheets, this process becomes incredibly simple. You can easily create a customized ledger to record every customer payment, date of transaction, and products or services sold. Some popular Google Sheets templates perfect for businesses include Tiller Money, Sheetgo, and Smartsheet, which streamline your financial data tracking and provide real-time updates. These Google Sheets features make it easier to monitor financial health, forecast revenues, and strategize business growth, further illustrating why Google Sheets is one of the best platforms for online business management.

Create a shopping cart for eCommerce

Integrating a shopping cart into a website can seem complex, but with the power of Google Sheets, it can be a breeze. Platforms like ‘Glide apps’ allow eCommerce business owners to build a functional, mobile-optimized website and shopping cart directly from a Google Sheets document. The website operates in real-time with your spreadsheet, ensuring that product availability and prices are always up-to-date. You can manage and keep track of orders, customer information, and product list seamlessly. Besides, you can utilize other Google Sheets ecommerce solutions like Sheet2Site and AwesomeTable which effectively turn your spreadsheet into a dynamic shopping cart encouraging better customer interaction. This simplicity and efficiency make Google Sheets an ideal tool for eCommerce websites, facilitating a rich user experience and enhanced business operations.

Limitations to Creating a Website Solely with Google Sheets

Despite its limitations, Google Sheets can still be used to create a functional website. There are a number of advantages to using Google Sheets to make a website, including the fact that it is free and can be used without any coding knowledge. Plus, you can quickly share your website with others without having to worry about hosting costs.

Google Sheets provides a range of tools that can help you create a website, such as the ability to easily create tables, charts, and forms. You can also use Google Sheets to create a website-like structure by linking different sheets and documents together. This can be useful if you need to create a website with multiple pages.

Despite its design limitations, it is still possible to create an attractive website with Google Sheets. You can use a range of tools such as Google Fonts or Colorzilla to customize the look of your website. Plus, you can use Google Apps Script to add extra functionality to your website.

Overall, Google Sheets is a great option for creating a simple website without any coding knowledge. However, if you need a more advanced website with dynamic features, then you may want to consider other options such as WordPress or Wix.


In conclusion, Google Sheets offers a remarkable platform to create a website that is easy to manage and customize. With the versatility and capability of Google Sheets, one can simplify a wide range of tasks and manage resources more efficiently, even when it comes to website development. The popularity and efficiency of these websites are ample proofs of the capabilities of Google Sheets. Whether you are a beginner venturing into your very first website or a seasoned web developer looking for a simplified solution, implementing Google Sheets might just provide the solution you need. It’s about time to reimagine what Google Sheets can do beyond crunching numbers. It’s not just a spreadsheet tool anymore but has evolved as a potential website building platform delivering some of the best sites on the internet.

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